to know meis to…dan posnack

Hey there and thanks for visiting my website. Most people looking at this site from my experience will bypass a page like this and go straight to looking at the work. A respectable option, since I am a web designer and your here looking to see if we can work together. However, there are those that always want to know more…

No big speeches or self-endulged statements here. Simplicity is key in just about everything I do. Whether it be walking my dogs or building a complex website. Ex-branding guy here with ad agency experience combined with my now over ten plus years of interactive based experience.

So why me out of the many other web designers? Hmmm…Check out my work first of all. My experience and what I can offer. Next is my “tell it like it is” style and ability to deliver no matter what the project is.

  • Over 10 years of off-site freelancing experience
  • Ex- ad agency Creative Director
  • Comfortable working on my own or as part of any team
  • Able to deliver under tight deadlines
  • Experienced in working with both small and large brands
  • Known for my ability to “make something out of nothing”
  • Clean, simple style
  • Trustworthy